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Communication Devices

As a teacher of students with special needs I am often given the task of helping children to communicate. This can get challenging because often times the parents provide their own communication device for a child and they can vary from student to student. It is my responsibility as the teacher to become well versed in these devices...hence the challenge!

I have personally used two types of devices in my classroom for students with communication needs, LAMP and Proloque. 

Sooooo let's break these down! 


Lamp stands for Language Acquisition thru Motor Planning. This basically means the kids will motor memorize where each button and meaning is in each folder. This is a very high level thinking and shouldn't be given to students who do not have a large vocabulary. We use it in my classroom for one particular student and he has many known vocabulary words, he simply can not express them using verbal language. When working with LAMP I personally experienced initial student distress. It is complicated and can take a long time for the student to learn the motor memory...BUT once they do--my LORD it is a beautiful sight! I got so much more academically from my student. 

Now, if you are planning on using LAMP in your classroom I HIGHLY recommend your go to a training to learn the metholodgy and get familiar with it. 

The second thing I recommend is to make sure you have patience and teach your student that same patience. In my case, the student is very intelligent so I told him I was learning it too and if he couldn't find a word when trying to talk I would help him. There is a word search option and we will type in the desired word together and learn the path. It made the whole process much less stressful for all. 


Proloquo is a great communication device to help students who may not have a large known vocabulary. My favorite part of this aac device is that you are program phrases into one button. This helps students who have a communication break down get all their words in one quick motion. I also love that you can program the grid any way you want. You are able to pick 2X2 or 20X20 depending on your students levels and abilities. 

I love to add vocabulary words into this device to help facilitate lessons and allow the students to be able to participate in group lessons beyond pointing and yes/no questions. 

My personal opinion on which is better is..........neither. HA I am sorry I do not have some profound opinion on which one you should recommend, but the device is meant to fit the student and just like their IEP's should be INDIVIDUALIZED. I love LAMP for the student in my classroom that fits it the best AND I love Proloquo for the child in my classroom that fits it best. The only down fall to that is I had to become fluent in each software which took me a long time, but I was diligent...went to training...and trial and used my amazing SLP when I was completed stuck....YOU are a SPED teacher and if anyone can learn them...its you!

Shoot me an e-mail if you need more direction with either device!


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