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Special Education Blog Hop Week 3- Back to School Forms!

HI everyone! I am coming to you from Las Vegas! I got the wonderful opportunity to attend the TPT conference! It was an amazing experience and a Blog post will be coming with more and details and highlights from the week! However, it did inspire me to rebrand! I know crazy right?! With some help from some other special ed bloggers out there I am making the jump from Laughing and Little Learners to Superheroes in Sped! Bare with me while I make all the changes!

Ok! On to the Blog Hop!
Back to School forms

Back to school forms can be kind of tricky for a special education classroom. We have different needs so we require different supplies and different reasons for consent. I have included all of my Back to School Form in my TPT store as a FREEBIE!!! Included are: 
I include a classroom technology waiver to basically cover my behind! SO many of my students bring their own personal devices their families have purchased with funds from insurance trout of their own pocket. I have the parents will out this form that states if other students are allowed to use the personal device and if anything happens to the device the staff in the classroom are NOT responsible to replace it! I also state that it is the parents responsibility to provide appropriate protection for the personal device! 

The parents will be asked to sign a photo release with my school district, BUT I love to take pictures myself and use them in classroom gifts and to hang in the room. This is just a photo release for my specific classroom. 

The next form is just a simple volunteer form. I rarely have volunteers in my classroom because I only have 8 students MAX, but sometimes they ask and it is completely optional. I did add field trips to this form because the parents want to come to every single one and it gets a little out of hand. We go on about 5 field trips a year so I am limiting each parent to 1 trip and then everyone can attend Special Olympics! 

Everyone needs a simple and to the point Student information sheet. This has student information including if they have therapies that will take them out of school, things that motivates their child, and other information! 

Next, is a classroom supply list for my classroom. My kids fine motor skills are lacking so we don't require too much in supplies just things that we can use to CLEAN and do some activities. Most of my lessons in the classroom are pre made and we use them over and over again. I will say this year I am attempting the glue sponges that is why I only asked for liquid glue.....if you want to do glue sticks ask for the colored REALLY helps your students paste on the page! 

The last form is a classroom wish list. This is a list of things the parents are not required to buy, but if they want to give more to the classroom they know what to get! I have included Velcro (the holy grail of a special education classroom) and other things for cooking and crafts! 

 Head on to the next blog on the hop Mrs. H Resource Room! Have a wonderful week everyone!

XOXO- The NEW and Improved Blog---- Superheroes in SPED!

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