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Special Ed Summer Blog Hop- Week 2 Classroom Set up!

Hey all! This week we will be linking up for the second week of the Special Education Summer blog hop hosted by Kyle from Kindersped Adventures! This week will be all about classroom set up!

I work in a building that was built in the 70's and it is an open concept school. You basically walk into the building and are in the gym---its really weird and took me a long time to get use to. There are some pros and cons. W shave 4 pods which I actually like. It gives the school defined space and less distractions from little ones walking the halls. A downside no one has classroom doors! SO weird, thankfully because I have the intensive needs kids they build me a door for my sake and my neighbors! I am super lucky to also have a private bathroom for my kids! Another cool thing about my school is each room has super high ceilings which give tons of natural light, but I am not able to hang any cute work from it because I would need a BIG ladder. 

Anyway on to my room specifically! I have anywhere form 5-8 kids the past three years and they all learn best in 1:1 or 1:2 learning groups. I also have two AMAZING paraprofessionals that take amazing data (But more on that in week 4). So my room is set up with stations 
1-teacher station
2-parapro station
4-sensory with swing 
5-Library area 
6-Circle area (or whole group) 

The kids rotate around the room and get about 1-15 minutes at each station. BY the end of the year I hope for 30 minute stations so I can get some more teaching time in. I also do a really intense circle time. It is the only time of the day that I am really able to keep my kids attention and teach repetitive skills like time, money, counting, word families. I love circle we sing and dance and work on conversational skills. It just makes me happy inside! 

Well I hope you all have enjoyed learning about my classroom set up! I can not believe Wednesday is TPT VEGAS I am soooooo excited to meet so many teachers, TPTers, and bloggers that I admire! 

Next stop on the blog hop is Mrs. H resource room! Click on her button below! 

Have a wonderful week everyone!! 


  1. You have made a great design out of a difficult to design space! Looks great and completely functional!
    Mrs. H's Resource Room

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