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Special Ed Blog Hop Week 5- First week of School

Can you believe it! The first week of school is right around the corner. I begin on August 20th this year (a little early because of leap year) and I am excited but also really bummed because this summer went by lightening fast!

The final week of the special ed blog hop will be some tips for the first week of school. I have a love hate relationship with the first week of school because it is a fresh start, new supplies, excitement....BUT there is no kind of tired like first week of school tired.

Tip #1: In a special needs classroom begin your normal routine ASAP! Our kids do not benefit from a messy schedule so have them follow the centers schedule even if they are doing choice activities at each of those centers. My centers include: Teacher stations, Para station, Computer, Sensory, and Independent work. We run our centers two times a day. I try to get as much base line data on their IEP goals as possible. My district also wants us using ABLLS this year so I will spend the first could weeks assessing students in that aspect as well

Tip #2: Do an activity that you can send home. Most of my kids are non verbal so I like to do a craft or something that can help the parents connect with the new classroom and teachers.

Tip #3: Have every visual cue you can think of prepared! I love visual schedules and I make sure to have as many picture cards ready so the kids will have them and you won't be scrambling!

Tip #4: Begin your parent communication sheets on the first day--let the parents know a summary of their day and ask them to share information about their night at home so you can work on conversation skills as well.

Tip #5: Use community supplies. This is a personal preference, but I have the kids sort all their supplies into bins to use through out the year. It really helps keep me organized since my students struggle in the organizational area :)

Thanks for following me on this fun blog hop the past 5 weeks! Hop on over to Mrs. H Resource room for some more first week of school tips!


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