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Special Education Blog Hop!- Schedules

Hey all! I am so excited to be a part of the special education Blog hop! This week we are talking about schedules!

Scheduling is SO hard in a special education classroom. I teach in a self contained classroom that has multiple grades. My first year I kept my  kids with their designed grades for lunch, recess, specials, and assemblies but that left me with no planning and a constant movement of our day. And we all know kids on the spectrum thrive on consistency. So now we choose which grades events we go to based on our needs. Sometimes my 2nd graders are with older peers and sometimes my 3rd graders are with younger peers. It is what works best for us!

As for my individual classroom my kids follow individual picture schedules to help them navigate the events of their day as well as full class activities. It makes for a lot of planning, but it really helps the kids work harder and stay attentive longer. I wish I had pictures to share but my classroom is currently being waxed so everything is in boxes!

My biggest tip with scheduling is do what is best for your students and make it individualized to meet their needs. If they are readers do not give them pictures and vice versa. Click on This Link! to see the next post on the blog hop!

Happy Scheduling everyone :)


  1. It can be hard to keep kids with their grade levels when trying to schedule! I like how you keep the kids' needs first!
    Mrs. H's Resource Room

  2. Love the focus on keeping the students' needs first in planning the day!
    Autism Classroom News

  3. It is true that trying to balance so many different students' grade levels and needs can be challenging. I like how you indivialize with picture schedulings and keep their needs the priority. :)

    The Organized Plan Book

  4. I love how you kept the focus on the kids! Great post!

  5. I loved it when my students could attend lunch PE etc with an appropriate age level. It's what's best for them but wow what havoc it can wreak with special Ed classroom schedules. Awesome post! Thanks!

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