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Monday Made It!

WoooHooo it is JUNE! I am so excited for summer to begin and some much needed adventures (Like the TPT Conference in VEGAS!!!!) Who's going!?!? I can NOT wait to meet some fellow bloggers, TPT  creators, and fabulous teachers!

Today I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics MONDAY MADE IT! This Monday Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard kicked off the summer Monday Made it and he is basically my idol....How he does everything he does and still finds time to keep himself sane is AMAZING and I am 100% jealous of his productivity!

So anyway---let's begin! I actually have two things to share that I made! One with the kids and one FOR the kids!

The first thing I made was my end of the year memory painting to hang in my classroom. This is my 5th year teaching, but I began it last year. I had the students leave their hand prints to fill out the shape of a heart and then wrote their names on it and put the date.

Cute! Huh? I look at it every day and I just smile---even on the worst days! 

This year I outdid myself! And I am SO proud of the painting we made as a class! I mean how cute is this little garden! Just a little background on my class-I have my kids for two years and since this is my second year in this district I have really seen the 5 3rd graders GROW. I mean they were not readers, could not sit and attend for more than 7-10 minutes, and had some pretty negative behaviors. I am SO proud of them and even though I am happy to get a new crop of 4 kids next year---This painting will really make me smile and remember some of the most beautiful and challenging days I have experienced in my 5 years teaching! Ok ending my rant on how much I love my kids! 

Monday made it #2 is a MEGA HUGE product that I am working on! I teach ESY and it begins in two short weeks! We go for 5 weeks and last year we ordered a curriculum that was a major flop--so this year I decided to put my TPT skills to the test and create 5 HUGE thematic units! The units will include: The Beach, Let's Be Healthy, Fireworks, Camping, and Bugs. SO far I have completed the Beach (Get it here) and Let's Be Healthy Units (Get it here!)! They will be uploaded to my store TONIGHT individually for $3.00 and as a bundle (Get it here!)for $5.00---If you get the bundle you will be given the 3 remaining units FOR FREE! Amazing huh?!? So far this bundle is already over 100 pages so get it while its HOT and CHEAP! Check back to my blog tomorrow for a more in-depth look into this MEGA PACK!



Have a great last few days of the school year (Or first few days of summer for you lucky ones!)

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