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Happy May!

Hello! Can you believe it! It is actually May---only 20 some more days of school and then we are on sweet summer time! Well I have two weeks until Extended School Year begins but it will be an amazing two weeks!

With May comes Teacher Appreciation and I am so happy to be in the community. Even though I am a teacher and not a student/parent I appreciate all the teachers I work with on a daily basis, follow on social media, met thru TPT, and CAN"T wait to meet in Vegas (which is just a few short months away!!)

So--to say Thank you to all you teachers who have supported me on this TPT journey my store will be 20% off in addition to the HUGE teacher appreciation site wide sale on May 5-6!

Some of my favorite products to check out

 Interactive Addition/Subtraction Touch Math Bundle
What Time is it? adaptive book bundle
Adaptive Letter Sounds Book
Sensory Brain Break for students with Special Needs

I will also be posting a MEGA unit on the Special Olympics---if your students are participating in the spring special olympics in your county this pack will help your kids understand events, what will happen, and play a fun Bingo game! It will be posted in time for the sale!

Have a great week everyone! I hope your school, students, and administration help you feel SUPER appreciated this week!


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