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New Year...New Currently!

I am linking up again with Oh Boy 3rd grade for January Currently! I need to become a better blogger! I am trying, but well life just gets in the way! Its one of my New Years resolutions so lets hope I stick to it :)

Listening: I have given this day up to Benson and Stabler. I wasn't a complete bum I did it while working on some January lesson plans! 
Loving: This NYE I am heading over to my best friends house to eat Chinese food and watch trash tv. I just hate the expectation of NYE--it never lives up to the hype and I tend to like the random nights out with my friends then an overly expensive planned night out! Anyone else feel this way or am I just the Grinch of December 31st?!?!
Thinking- About my January lessons. I have my one and only observation next week and I am really doing an ambitious group (Yes whole group with my intensive needs kiddos) lesson! I bought this awesome snow day inferencing lesson from Babbling Abby which I am tweaking and making a little more appropriate for my little learners! 
Wanting- I have been fighting a cold for literally 4 weeks. Today was the worst day yet and I just want to feel better and breath again! 
Needing- Because of the Law and Order, lesson plans, and cold I have been a little stationary today. I got a fitbit for Christmas and I love it! If you have one and want to team up to challenge let me know! 
Yes-I am doing the 24 day Advocare Challenge next week (just waiting for it to arrive)--This will be my 3rd time doing it and it just makes me feel so good and healthy---plus it kicks up my weight loss and progress in the gym! 
Maybe-I really want to be more productive and create some new TPT stuff before I head back to break! 
I wish- For a healthy 2015! It will be a great change to the past couple years! 

Happy New Years All! See you in 2015! 

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  1. This is the second currently I've seen with Law & Order in the 'listening to' box! I also had a cold and spent 5 days on the couch going through at least 2 boxes of tissues! I have given some thought to my January lessons - but more in the form of "hmmmm... I should think about those..." I should get on that! I hope 2015 is awesome for you! ~ Michelle