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New Year...New Currently!

I am linking up again with Oh Boy 3rd grade for January Currently! I need to become a better blogger! I am trying, but well life just gets in the way! Its one of my New Years resolutions so lets hope I stick to it :)

Listening: I have given this day up to Benson and Stabler. I wasn't a complete bum I did it while working on some January lesson plans! 
Loving: This NYE I am heading over to my best friends house to eat Chinese food and watch trash tv. I just hate the expectation of NYE--it never lives up to the hype and I tend to like the random nights out with my friends then an overly expensive planned night out! Anyone else feel this way or am I just the Grinch of December 31st?!?!
Thinking- About my January lessons. I have my one and only observation next week and I am really doing an ambitious group (Yes whole group with my intensive needs kiddos) lesson! I bought this awesome snow day inferencing lesson from Babbling Abby which I am tweaking and making a little more appropriate for my little learners! 
Wanting- I have been fighting a cold for literally 4 weeks. Today was the worst day yet and I just want to feel better and breath again! 
Needing- Because of the Law and Order, lesson plans, and cold I have been a little stationary today. I got a fitbit for Christmas and I love it! If you have one and want to team up to challenge let me know! 
Yes-I am doing the 24 day Advocare Challenge next week (just waiting for it to arrive)--This will be my 3rd time doing it and it just makes me feel so good and healthy---plus it kicks up my weight loss and progress in the gym! 
Maybe-I really want to be more productive and create some new TPT stuff before I head back to break! 
I wish- For a healthy 2015! It will be a great change to the past couple years! 

Happy New Years All! See you in 2015! 


Monday Made It

This is my first time linking with Monday Made it  with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics I am super excited because even though I have not been blogging very much lately I have been making lots of materials for my classroom and other fun stuff!

I just uploaded a new product to My TPT store It is called create a sentence and it is a great way to help students who are struggling reading, students with autism, and students that need extra help and visuals to understand structure and generating of sentences!

I love making things for parties and events. I use to work for a company and styles weddings and photo shoots for event planning blogs, and kids parties BUT it took away from my teaching. So now I just do it for fun for family and friends. Last weekend was my cousins sweet little boys birthday party! I was able to make a lot of the decorations for his Nautical themed birthday party!
lemon sail boats for the tables 

lots of fun blue, red, and sliver 

banner for his smash cake 

banner for each month of his first year! 

 Lastly, is not really something I made, but more something I did! I love Jamberry nails ( I even sell them so let me know if you want a sample or host a party! ) I just love these cute holiday wraps that look like a winter sweater!

Have a GRAET week and holiday! For those of us that have to work Monday and Tuesday! We can do it!


Currently: September

Its time for Currently from Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade

Here we go! 

Listening: I love RWB I saw them all the time in college and then this summer my friend from work asked me to see them in concert and I have been listening to them all the time! If you don't know who they are check them out! 

Loving:I just made a new product (during my insomnia) about comparing numbers! This is a tough skill for my kiddos so I bought some adorable clip art from The Teacher's Chatterbox! The alligators are so stinking cute!!

Thinking: I have been up sine 3:30 am and can not go back to sleep! I tried for about an hour before I gave up and decided to be productive! 

Wanting: I love TV. It's my vice, don't judge! I always have background noise on while I am working, cooking, crafting...whatever! I love trashy reality tv (again another vice, don't judge!) but I am MOST excited about Nashville to return this season! I just love that show! 

Needing: More time in the day! Don't we all! 

3 Trips: Mexico-I went this summer and I can not wait to go back. It was so relaxing I just love the beach! Ireland-I'm Irish and would love to see the country! Bora Bora- Again I love the beach and my dream is to stay in those huts in the middle of crystal blue water! 

Have a great Tuesday everyone! 


Classroom Reveal!

Hello Friends! It has been a while since I could blog! That is what Back to School does to me I guess! It has been a whirlwind of a couple weeks and I am happy things are finally settling into a routine! Today I am going to link up with The Primary Gal Linky-Extreme Makeover: Classroom Edition!
Remember, I am an intensive needs teacher so my classroom set up is not traditional! I have seven students and we do very little whole group instruction, everything is individualized to the students abilities based on their IEP and the Ohio Extended Standards. I have three instructional aides in the classroom and they collect data and review curriculum so that means we needs lots of small group ares! Enjoy the tour!!

View when you walk into the classroom

Teachers Pay Teachers Back To School Sale!!

Hello friends! You may have heard that TPT is doing a back to school sale! My cart is so full I might have to make some cuts even with the sale! There is just so much great stuff out there!! Check out my store Laughing and little learners tpt store

I added some fun new products such as Sensory brain breaks and an unofficial standards based report card for students who use the Ohio Extended Standards. I choose to make this (after talking to my principal) because the Common Core standards are way above my students levels so their report card was not very relevant. They will still get an official report card, but this is just a little something extra so parents know how their child is doing with the Ohio Extended Standards. More on the Extended Standards later, but for now I have to get to the last week of summer school! 

Happy Back to School Shopping everyone! 


Five for Friday

Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching  for a Friday Linky (my first one ever!) for Five for Friday!!

1. I am almost done with summer school and have been lucky enough to teach in my actual classroom this summer. I have spent a few hours every day after the kids leave at noon working on my room! I am almost done and so excited to "reveal" my classroom on the blog soon! This weekend I will get ready from the comfort of my own home using my awesome teacher planner from A Modern Teacher  
2. I am so excited to head to Chicago on Thursday this week to meet my newest nephew Eddie! Isn't he just the cutest!?!?

3. I made a HUGE purchase this week! I finally broke down and got a MacBook Air. I have gotten super frustrated this week trying to make the switch from Microsoft to Apple, but as I get better I am so happy with my purchase! It is so pretty and I am working on many new products for my TPT store!! If anyone has any good Mac Tips let me know! I have a learning curve right now when it comes to this new toy! 

4. I have a freebie!!!! One of my students has some anxiety issues and when she gets upsets she has some negative behaviors. One day she started singing this song and I was blown away at how cute it was! Where was it from?? I googled the lyrics (after I made her sing it 3 times) and found out it was from the children's show Daniel Tiger. I don't have any kids of my own so I never heard of this show, but it has become a great intervention to do when any of my students get upset. They love to sing it together and really calms them down! I made a cute printable with the lyrics to hang on my behavior bulletin board! Hope you all enjoy (Side note: I do not take credit for this lyrics AT ALL--check out the show it is a great way to show proper social skills!) Check out my TPT store to download the freebie! Clam Down Song
5. I am signed up for my very first Slant Box! Jameson over at Lessons with Coffee takes on a HUGE task of pairing up teachers to send a sweet box of treats every month! I am so excited to link up and get to know some more bloggers! I will be sending a box of fun Cleveland Stuff to Karen at Pens and Pencil Skirts and will be getting some local loot all the way from CANADA (I am so excited to have an international slant box on the way!) from Angela at Fun in Fourth! So excited to already make blogging connections! 

Thanks all for now! Happy Friday everyone! 

Hello Blogging World!

Hello Blogging World!

I am here---and really scared to be entering this world! I have had my blog ready to go for almost a month (designed by Ruby Slippers Design---totally recommend her! I love the way she set everything up!) and have been struggling with what to write about first! So I am just going to keep it simple and give you some info on my classroom and what I want to accomplish with this new adventure!

I am about to begin my 5th year teaching in the Cleveland area. I am an Moderate to Intensive Needs teacher for grade 2-3. I LOVE my position and it is 100% my dream classroom. This year I will have 7 kids with varying disabilities who learn all of their core curriculum with me, but we go into the general education for lots of fun activities and academics when appropriate. This makes for a scheduling nightmare and I have become pretty good at managing two grades, two co-teaching schedules, and multiple therapy schedules! I will share some of my tips and tricks in the future so stay tuned :)

I am excited to being this blogging journey because often Moderate to Intensive needs teachers are few and far between so it can sometimes feel like you are on a island. Other blogs have really helped me brainstorm ideas and help with student behaviors--so I want to pay it forward! Also I am breaking out into the Teachers Pay Teachers world as well! I have a store with a few products (I am not too proud of---still working out some formatting kinks), but i have been getting better and I can't wait to share some resources!

Thats all for now! Until next time!